We made the first guesterly® with one goal in mind:
to celebrate and connect friends and family at our wedding.

We had grown up and gone to college on opposite sides of the country, so most of our guests were traveling from far and wide and meeting for the first time. We dreamed about all of our favorite people, from all parts of our lives, truly coming together and connecting.

But our wedding weekend would be so short—how
could we truly connect everyone?

Then Lorne pulled out his Freshman Herald, the book he’d received as an incoming freshman at Princeton. The legendary directory had the name, picture, and hometown of each classmate, and it was the magical book that helped connect the class. We realized how we could introduce our guests, create a sense of community, and let everyone know how important they were to us:

we’d create our own version of the Herald—the guesterly®.

We went to work: Rachel, an editor at O, the Oprah Magazine, wrote fun, you-have-to-meet-him bios; Lorne, an engineer at GE, tracked down photos and designed our book. We printed the little booklets off and mailed them out a week before our wedding.

And then we watched, amazed, as the guesterly worked the magic we had only dreamed of: It got guests extra excited for our wedding (talk about a wow factor!), broke the ice, and made all of our far-flung friends laugh and party like they’d known each other for years.

It was like we’d discovered the secret
to the best wedding, ever.

So we took our guesterly® idea and made it better, easier, and guaranteed to impress.

We're thrilled to share guesterly® with you—and wish
you the best wedding, ever.