If you obey all the rules,
you miss all the fun.

—Katharine Hepburn


Our co-founder's never met a party she didn’t like. Which is a good thing, because her years as a food editor meant she was out eating everything new and delicious. At her own wedding, her priorities were fun food (including the world’s best french fries) and happy people—hence, the first guesterly®.


Lorne has found that the best moments with old friends take place at night, which is why his and Rachel’s wedding included a pizza party at 3am (true story!). On regular nights our co-founder is all about brainstorming new ways to make the guesterly® experience better—and yes, the best ideas come after midnight.


For his own wedding, our Art Director screen printed his invitations. By hand. In the bathroom of his Brooklyn apartment. He’s the design perfectionist, so you don’t have to be. (By the way, Oprah magazine relies on him too. You’re in good company.)


In Uruguay, where Germán is from, weddings last until dawn—and that’s the tame weddings. Good thing our Developer can still find time to write all of the code that makes using guesterly® easy breezy—it must be that yerba mate he’s got us all drinking.


Grace has been tweeting, storytelling, and making friends as guesterly’s Editor since day one—and her day job at InStyle helps us all step up our fashion game a little. Tweet her your favorite dance song at @guesterly and you’re guaranteed a shout-out!


Some people have an eye for design—we say Sarah was blessed with not one but two. The interior designer (who happens to be married to Bryan!) makes sure everything guesterly® has perfect aesthetics (follow @guesterly on instagram for her gorgeous wedding inspiration).